Color Cubo

Color Cubo is a magical colouring book, combining colouring and taking pictures with the camera. Beautiful free colouring pages and cheap expansion Cubo’s with even more colouring pages.
Fill the shapes of the colouring pages by drawing or take pictures to fill each individual shape. Color Cubo helps you to draw between the lines .. and if you make a mistake, you can always undo.

Pick colours from a large colour pallet, or pick previously used colours directly from the page you are creating. You can even pick colours from the pictures you take and use these again for drawing. Adjust the pen thickness and draw or write on top of the pictures taken .. endless possibilities.

Save up to 6 copies of each colouring page in the app or share your results on Facebook without limitations.

A textless user interface makes Color Cubo very easy to use for ages 1 till 90 ..