Vinceremo is Italian for "we will win" ... and that's what makes life fun.

"We" is important here. I could also have named my business Vincero, "I will win", but in the end there is not much fun in winning alone. Sharing success with clients, colleagues, family and friends is what it's all about.

The websites slogan summarizes my view towards managing projects: "inspired by the Tuscan sun, a good glass of wine and lots of pizza".

The pizzas are a metaphor for the hard work, often needed to achieve a good result. No time to cook, just grab a pizza and lets continue... but even during the hard work, life should be fun. After more then 20 years of project experience I still like pizzas, also when there is plenty of time to cook.

The good glass of wine stands for taking time to enjoy successes. I don't like to rush from one project into another, eating pizzas all the time. When ever possible I like to take time to sit back and relax. Have a good glass of wine, enjoy and look back on results achieved.

And the Tuscan sun .... just happened to be there when I started this business. That's also crucial for successfully managing projects. Some things cannot be planned for or cannot be changed. Some things just occur out of the blue or just happen to be there. Being open for the unexpected and bend the work around the inevitable is key to success.
If you jump into a river and swim with the current, you will end up in the sea; if you jump into a river and swim against the current ... you will also end up in the sea (but it will take a lot more pizzas).